Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained! (2024)

If you have been missing Kungfu Panda for the past five years, this is high time to move on to ‘Jujutsu Panda.’ Yes, I am talking about our cute and fluffy Panda senpai from the Jujutsu Kaisen series. However, don’t be deceived by his fluffy appearance. He is a daydream dressed like a nightmare and can turn into a ruthless monster within seconds.

Among all the seniors of Jujutsu High, Panda has the most complicated back story and even more complicated cursed techniques. He is not a human, nor an animal, not even a cursed puppet, but rather a combination of bits and pieces of everything I just mentioned. You know Panda is considerably strong from the fact that he threw Todo off with a single hook. But what’s the secret behind this power? Is he a cursed puppet? or far more than that? We bring you everything that we know about Panda so far.

Panda’s Origin Story

Panda is undoubtedly the finest masterpiece of Yaga, whom he raised like his own child. To begin with, Masimichi Yaga was one of the puppet jujutsu sorcery, a technique too complicated for any ordinary to understand. Unlike any other cursed corpse, Panda doesn’t run out of cursed energy, and neither is he controlled by anyone.


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Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained! (1)

Principal Yaga ultimately laid down his life protecting this forbidden jujutsu. He knew that if it fell under the wrong hands, anyone could have raised an army of cursed corps having a self-replenishing supply of cursed energy.

Thanks to Akutami sensei’s descriptive style of explaining a cursed technique, we aren’t clueless about Panda’s birth. Yaga started by creating the cores of the cursed corpses that hold the soul information. In the case of an Abrupt Mutated Cursed corpse-like Panda, he used three compatible souls that go perfectly with each other. Gradually, after weeks of hard work, the cursed cores stabilized, thereby granting self-awareness to the cursed corpse. These complicated procedures continued for months, and the cursed object learned to self-replenish its cursed energy like a jujutsu sorcerer. This is how Panda was born.

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Abilities of Panda’s Cursed Cores

Panda’s anatomy stands out from anything we have seen in Jujutsu Kaisen. According to Yaga, Panda has two siblings within him from whom he can lend powers when required. As you must have already guessed, Panda and his two siblings together form the three cores that enable him to alter his body and abilities according to his needs.

Panda Core

This form is of balance type and is often known for being an all-in-one purpose transformation. Panda usually stays calm and composed while being in this state. Moreover, he prefers to stick to this form for the most part of the day as it consumes a very little amount of cursed energy to retain it. While in this state, he rarely does anything recklessly and is best for mid-range combats. It is the perfect match for stealth or surveillance-type missions.

Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained! (2)

Gorilla Core

For worse situations that are beyond the scope of a panda, we may require a gorilla to deal with the task. Now, what better than having a Gorilla power up your sleeves? And all he needs is a simple trigger to transform into a fully-featured Gorilla. As you can guess from its enraged face, the Gorilla core is far more aggressive than the previous one.

Once he resorts to this core, he is a completely different person, and you may even find it difficult to understand his band. This mode gives him an instant boost in strength, stamina, and speed and is perfect for close combat fights. Even a skilled sorcerer like Mechmaru didn’t stand a chance before Gorilla mode’s heavy blows. However, this incredible power comes at a cost; it quickly drains Panda’s cursed energy reserve. Thus, he prefers not to sustain this form for long.

Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained! (3)

What is Panda’s Third Core?

Panda’s third sister core hasn’t been revealed in the series yet. Sadly, this core has already got crushed in his fight against Mechamaru, and there’s no way of telling if it’s repairable or not.

In any case, we can deduce a rough image of his third core from how he described it. He called it the shy and bashful one, and it only makes sense since the third core is supposed to be the opposite of Gorilla. (Panda is the balance between the two other cores) Can you think of an animal that fits this description? Something between squirrel and Koala, which is small, stealthy, and sturdy.

Other Notable Features of Panda

Panda is a cursed corpse, so naturally, it can take a huge amount of damage without breaking down. He relies a lot on predicting his opponent’s movements and adapting accordingly. As I just mentioned, the huge cursed energy reserve within him flows through three different cores, making it almost impossible to read his movements.

Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained! (4)

‘Unpredictibility’ is the word that defines him and sets him apart from all the rest. Coming to his personality, he is more humane than most other Jujutsu Kaisen characters. He can go the extra mile for his friends and genuinely cares for everyone around him. So it’s safe to say that in this messed up world of shamans, curses, and all other cool beings, all it takes is a panda to steal the show.

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Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained! (2024)


Who is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen?- All Abilities and Cores Explained!? ›

Abilities and Powers. Overall Skill Level: Panda is a semi-grade 2 sorcerer and an Abrupt-Mutation cursed corpse, the most advanced of his kind. With a natural affinity for jujutsu, Panda is capable of exorcising curses based solely on his physical abilities.

What is the story behind panda in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

History. Panda is a Metamorphosed cursed corpse that was created and trained by the principal of the Tokyo College, Masamichi Yaga. At one point Masamichi revealed to Panda that he has an older brother and sister, and that he would understand once he was older.

What animal is panda's sister core? ›

In Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen chapter #185, readers find that Panda envisions his three cores as three siblings, namely an older sister who is a Triceratops, a middle brother who is a Gorilla, and a younger baby brother who is a Panda. Panda's primary core is clearly the younger baby brother.

Is Panda principal Yaga's son? ›

He is essentially Panda's father and raised him throughout his youth. When Panda was still very young, Masamichi encouraged him revealing that he had two siblings inside of him that would lend him strength should he ever need it.

How did Yaga create panda? ›

Panda was born when Yaga placed the soul information and physical information of three compatible souls into the core of a cursed corpse. With each soul able to observe the others over three months, they stabilized into a coherent sentience.

What is panda's third core? ›

His jujutsu protection can envelop his body with cursed energy in a flash, capable of defending from techniques most sorcerers would need to evade. Cursed Corpse Cores. There exists three cores within Panda's body: the balanced-type Panda, the power-type Gorilla, and a third core, Triceratops.

What is panda's power in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Panda is a talented sorcerer

The fact that he can perpetually create his own cursed energy means that, unlike other cursed corpses in "Jujutsu Kaisen," Panda can be a full-time sorcerer.

Does Yuta still have Rika? ›

Rika (りカ, Rika?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is the cursed spirit that remains with Yuta Okkotsu even after Rika Orimoto's soul was unbound from it. Orimoto bequeathed the last vestiges of her will to the cursed spirit, symbolizing a manifestation of her love that she left behind to protect Yuta.

Are Mai and Maki twins? ›

Mai & Maki are twin sisters from Zenin Clan! Mai Zenin is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She was a second-year at student at Kyoto Jujutsu High, a member of the Zenin clan, and the younger twin sister of Maki Zenin.

Why did Yaga get the death sentence? ›

Second, they consider Gojo as an accomplice during the Shibuya Incident so they expelled him from jujutsu society. Unsealing him will be a crime. Third, Principal Yaga gets a death sentence for inciting Gojo and Geto, resulting in the Shibuya Incident.

Why does Gojo cover his eyes? ›

The Six Eyes ability is actually exactly why Gojo has to wear a headband. His powers call on cursed energy to power him, and his heightened sight is a massive power drain - if Gojo were to not wear his headband, he'd be drained within minutes.

Why was Gojo exiled? ›

Shortly after the conclusion of the Shibuya Incident Arc, Noritoshi Kamo discovers that Kenjaku has used his abilities to manipulate Jujutsu Headquarters into branding Gojo as an accomplice to the attack, leading to Gojo's formal exile from the jujutsu world.

What happened to Inumaki in JJK? ›

Unfortunately, Inumaki and other non-sorcerers in Shibuya found themselves within the range of Sukuna's domain. While Inumaki barely survived, many civilians met a brutal end. The cost of his survival was steep; he lost his left arm in the attack.

What did Mai do for Maki? ›

She takes away all of their cursed energy and gives Maki a parting gift — a reed branch, signifying a promise for Maki to destroy everything, namely the Zenin clan.

How did Inumaki lose his arm? ›

Inumaki lost his left arm because of Sukuna's attack during the Shibuya Incident arc. Inumaki was last seen during Season 2 Episode 13 (Episode 37 overall) where he was helping civilians. Season 2 Episode 23 (Episode 47 overall) shows Yuta Okkotsu meeting with the higher-ups.

Why did Yuji fight panda? ›

Panda is a fake battle put on by Yuji Itadori and Panda to entertain the spectators at the Gachinko Fight Club tournament and get Kinji Hakari's attention.

Who is Uraume to Sukuna? ›

As a direct subordinate of the powerful curse Sukuna, Uraume is fiercely dedicated to serving him above all else. She displays a blank, emotionless expression, except in battle, when her short temper can emerge.

Who defeated panda JJK? ›

Basically, Kashimo destroys Panda and kills his other cores, hence a whole sad scene in what I assume is Panda's inner world. So far so good, good guys dying in some kind of heroic sacrifice is nothing unusual for JJK.

Who raised panda in jjk? ›

Unlike any Cursed Corpse, Panda was born with emotions and multiple cores. Described as the "ultimate masterpiece" by Yaga Masamichi (who raised Panda), his three cores include his older brother and sister.

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