Hainault latest: Suspect in hospital after boy, 14, killed in sword attack (2024)

Key points
  • A man with a sword attacked the public and police officers near Hainault Tube station in northeast London at around 7am this morning
  • Boy, 14, dies from injuries|Four others in hospital, including two officers with 'significant injuries'
  • New pictures show police confronting sword-wielding stabbing suspect - 36-year-old was arrested and is in hospital
  • Watch:Suspected attacker wielding a sword|Moment suspect arrested
  • Witnesses:'I can't stop picturing the boy's face'|There was a stand-off down alley - then woman was stabbed|Police 'tasered suspect'


That's all from our coverage today

We will bring you further updates on this story as they happen in the coming days.

Until then, here is a reminder of what we know so far:

  • A 14-year-old boy was killedin a sword attack in Hainault, northeast London, at around 7am;
  • A 36-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder;
  • The suspect is in hospital, having suffered injuries when his van was driven into a building, police say;
  • The Met Police was initially called to reports of a vehicle being driven into a house;
  • The suspect was carrying a sword and officers tasered and arrested him, 22 minutes after the first call;
  • The man was seen shouting "Is there anybody here who believes in God?";
  • Two officers suffered wounds requiring surgery, while two members of the public were injured. Some of those injured have knife wounds;
  • Police don't believe the attack was targeted or terror-related;
  • A witness who says he saw the attack said he can't stop envisioning the boy's face.


'This sort of thing doesn't happen in a day'

Donna Sinclaire, chief executive of the Options For Change charity, says of today's attack that "this sort of thing doesn't happen in a day" and there is "usually something that leads to it".

"What we're finding in our communities, talking to people, is often this is the end result of collective system failures," she tells Sky's UK Tonight programme.

These are failures to "influence joint working amongst the agencies who are supposed to safeguard perpetrators in terms of giving them the support they need so they are not available to go out and do what they do", she says.


'I know this journey they're on': Knife crime campaigner reaches out to victim's family

Dr Mark Prince, founder of Kiyan Prince Foundation, has personal experience of knife crime.

His 15-year-old son, Kiyan, was stabbed to death in 2006.

The campaigner says he feels "uncomfortable" simply calling the victim a "14-year-old boy", saying "he's a person, he's got a name".

"I want to let them know from my heart, from my family... our heart goes out to them at this time," he says.

"I know this journey they're on. It is a horrible journey."

Asked by our presenter Sarah-Jane Mee how a sword could have got onto the streets, he says this is not the main issue.

He argues that criminals will use kitchen knives, camping knives and even guns, and all of these are accessible.

Dr Prince also mentions research by his foundation recently, which found 56% of young people in England worry they'll be threatened with a knife.

A further 50% worry they'll be mugged in their local area.


Knife crime prevalence 'going the wrong way for some time'

Our presenter Sarah-Jane Mee points out that while violent crime is going down, knife crime - particularly among young men - is going up.

Patrick Green, chief executive of Ben Kinsella Trust, says young people are "scared of what they're seeing around them, scared by the murders and prevalence of knife crime".

He says knife crime may have only gone up by 7% in the past year, but it has almost doubled in 10 years.

"This has been going the wrong way for some time," he says.

He adds that "most of this is avoidable" and the UK has "not got on top of this issue".

"Why are we not doing this, and why are we letting knife crime just run away over the last couple of years?" he asks.


More than 70% of stab victims are young men

In England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester) last year, there were close to 50,000 incidents of knife crime.

That's an increase of 7% last year compared with 2022.

Young men are most likely to get stabbed to death.

Just over 70% of stabbing deaths are men between the ages of 18 and 24.

Kitchen knives are by far and away the most common weapons used, followed by machetes.


'My son dies every day I wake up'

Mandy Jamieson, whose 16-year-old son was stabbed to death, tells Sky News that "my son dies every day I wake up".

She says this is the same for every grieving mother.

"It's the same thing every day," she adds.

Asked whether there need to be further deterrents, she says: "The kids know that if you get arrested, you'll only do 18 months.

"There is no deterrent for knife crime."


Young criminals 'concealing machetes under two pairs of trousers'

Our special programme turns to the UK's knife crime epidemic, and the ease of access of the type of dangerous weapons used in today's attack.

It can take less than a minute to find and buy a 38cm machete online, our national correspondent Tom Parmenter says.

These weapons are "readily available to people who want them" and young criminals like the "appeal of intimidating weapons".

He speaks to former gang boss Sicarius McGrath, who says the machetes can be concealed while people are out and about.

The criminals will "wear two pairs of trousers" with the machete "concealed down the leg", he says.

Mr McGrath argues that young people in danger of falling into a life of crime, or who are already affected, need to be educated and that "mediation" should be brought to the table.


Some people in hospital have 'knife wounds'

We're getting the latest from our correspondent at the scene, Matthew Thompson, who has a small update from police.

They say some of the four people in hospital after today's attack "sustained knife wounds".

A major police investigation is ongoing at the scene.

Blue and white-coated forensics officers are still there and cordons are blocking off a wide area.

"There is no sense the investigation is winding down," Thompson says, adding police are needing to comb a large area for clues.


How did the attack unfold?

The attack happened in Hainault, northeast London, across three roads near the Tube station.

Police were called at about 7am to reports of a stabbing and a vehicle crash.

Footage shows a man attacking a person on Laing Close.

More footage shows him crouching outside a house further towards the main road.

He was still carrying a knife as police pursued him towards Franklyn Gardens.

It was there he began jumping into people's back gardens.

He was then tasered and apprehended on Thurlow Gardens.


We're bringing you a special programme on the attack now

A special edition ofThe UK Tonight With Sarah-Jane Meeis running on Sky News now.

You can watch on the stream above or follow our live updates here.

Hainault latest: Suspect in hospital after boy, 14, killed in sword attack (2024)
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